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The cracked or damaged screen is the one of three most common damage to today’s cell phones. Today phones have big, beautiful screens that are also big targets when it comes to impact and pressure damage. But as long as there is a company like RocketFix in Los Angeles, it doesn’t mean the end of your phone.
Our RocketFix techs will change out that screen with a quality-tested replacement part in minutes. We have technicians ready to repair screen of your phone at a time and place that is convenient for you. Whether it is an office, your home, or even a local cafe – we will fix your device in a little measure of time. We’re not just fast – we also do all our repairs with the most reliable warranty available.
RocketFix is the same day mobile phone repair service that comes to you, where ever you are. Call us to tell about your location and the type of device you use, and a technician will accept your job. You set up the time and location and they will come to your home, office, or wherever you are—and within half an hour, they will fix your mobile phone.

Here is some advice you should do if you crack your
smartphone’s screen.
Most of us have experienced that unfortunate moment when your phone drops out of your hand and the screen smashes to pieces.If you have a broken screen, first you should find out how bad the damage is. You might be able to live with its small cracks that don’t block your view too much, but if you have larger cracks you should try to repair it immediately. If the colours on your screen are not normal or some pixels are no longer displaying, the damage has gone much further and has affected the display.
Back up your phone first
Before you will see the options, we recommend that you back up your phone to make sure that precious photos and other files are safe.
The damage to the screen could have a serious impact you’re not aware of.
Is my phone already covered?
Phone insurance policies cover accidental damage to smartphones and in many cases include cracked screens.
You may have bought insurance from your network carrier with your phone.
You may also have phone insurance as part of your bank account which charges a monthly fee and includes phone insurance. Existing customers have a chance to apply to upgrade online. Check with your bank if you’re not sure.
However, it will be good to worth see how much it costs for a professional repair company to fix the problem – it could actually be cheaper and won’t affect your insurance premiums.
   How to understand the degree of damage to the screen?
Screens of modern phones have complex designs. Most smartphones have the touchscreen. There are exceptions, but they are few. When falling in most cases, the glass breaks and you will need to replace it. Sometimes display also breaks. Replacement of such parts of mobile phone requires professional approach and professionalism. Incorrectly installed part will not work correctly, or the use of the device will become uncomfortable.
To determine what was damaged, evaluate the nature of the failure:
on the screen a few cracks, but the clarity and colour reproduction of the picture has not changed – only the touchscreen is broken;
 the glass is intact, but colored bands appeared on the screen – the display is damaged;
 on the screen and cracks and stripes – the entire screen module crashed.
In the second and third cases, you need to repair your smartphone immediately. Otherwise. it will be very difficult, sometimes impossible, to use a device with such damages. However, if the problem is only in the integrity of the glass, you can delay the repair.
      What if the smartphone has only broken glass, and there is no
                  money for a full-fledged repair of the screen?
 Buy a protective glass for your smartphone model and paste it on the screen. Thus, you protect the screen from further damage and improve the comfort of working with the gadget.
If you have a broken smartphone don’t hesitate to call us and ask the information you are interested in. No matter what problem you’re experiencing, we can handle it.


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